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Poems :  Forbidden Love...
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Our love is a hush-hush secret affair
No one must ever know that for each other we care

or know our feelings true
That you love and and that I love you

We are forced to act like only friends
Can't show the love that your heart sends

like a rainbow of bright light
to my heart in darkest night

I cannot dare to hold your hand
They would judge, not understand

How two Angels fell in love
underneath God's sky above

We kiss away from public view
as I whisper "I Love You"!

Our love is pure, unconsummated
It can never be celebrated

I am your love, your own 'Twin Flame'
Yet, I can never share your name

But our love will live beyond Infinity
We will take it from this life into Eternity!

I Love You...

Sprinkle Joy everywhere you go. Bring Light and Love to every life you touch...

Author Marie
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Date 2012/6/24 22:36:16
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Poster Thread
Posted: 2012/6/26 5:55  Updated: 2012/6/26 6:07
Home away from home
Joined: 2010/11/9
From: Rio de Janeiro - Brasil
Posts: 293
 Re: Forbidden Love...
It's a beautiful secret love yours. It is a very great passion. It is a tough love, but true and very intense.
Loved It!
Many hugs and blessings thousand.

Note: I wrote to the administrator of this site the problem at the moment to post poems, but they have not replied. I still have a problem. So, I posted a aphorism here to share with you.


In many summer afternoons, I saw the sunset. In many winter nights, felt the cold if imposed. In spring many mornings, dared to put my hand in flower petals. On many mornings of autumn, tried to catch leaves, without achieving, that fell so many trees. It's amazing how everything is solved in that change. Seeing this, I decided to stop trying to
change the things of nature, as they meet their cycles and ready. So it was that I changed it myself.

Author's note.
"Love words in my soul."

Poster Thread
Posted: 2012/6/26 13:26  Updated: 2012/6/26 13:26
Home away from home
Joined: 2011/5/14
Posts: 882
 Re: Forbidden Love...
Hello Dear Roberto and thank you for very kindly reading and for your wonderful, clear and empathic comment on 'Forbidden Love'.

I am very sorry to read that nobody from WP has been in touch with you about the problems you are currently experiencing on the site. That is dreadful, Roberto and you have my deepest sympathy on the matter.

I am delighted you posted your wonderful succinct statement of truth, your exquisite poetic gem, Roberto! I am utterly taken with it! You speak for every human being who has ever lived in your most impressive poem. We are all 'control freaks' (Lol!) but at the end of the day, only very few of us realise, that the only thing we can change is ourselves and like you, I too, have changed my thought patterns, my way of thinking. I became open to life, to receiving it as it came, not as how I wished it to be and life became a joy to live. It blessed me abundantly and I enjoyed Nature all the more for the personal change, welcomed each new season as if it was the last one I would ever experience. When people said "It's cold today", I simply smiled but thought, 'How very lucky we are to be alive to experience it. To be able to get up in the morning, shower, dress, go to the Bathroom....So many people who, this morning are unable to do that, who would love to be able to do it and Roberto, I appreciated life and living all the more. I Love and Adore this superbly crafted, insightful Masterpiece, so Spiritually expressed. Kudos well deserved! From my heart, I thank you for sharing it with me this day and I bless you a million x million times.

I pray you will get the problem sorted out soon on the site, Roberto, but until you do, please ALWAYS post on my page so I can read and comment on your wonderful works of art.

I wish you a very beautiful day. It is just 1:27pm here as I write and the sun is shining brightly at a very nice 18deg's C.

Angel Blessings to you, dear Roberto,
With HUGS!


Poster Thread
Posted: 2012/12/7 11:48  Updated: 2012/12/7 11:48
Not too shy to talk
Joined: 2012/8/10
Posts: 24
 Re: Forbidden Love...
This is sad. I can not say that everyone can experience it fully, but even the purest sense of the beginning anyway try to hide it. So in some way it should be familiar to everyone. This is so cool and so painful to feel it. And it's so beautiful in verse.
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