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Duets :  Pipeline pump

Background introduction

Looking back on the history of pipeline oil transportation in China, the high-power and high-speed pipeline pumps used in China depend entirely on imports and require a large amount of foreign exchange every year. In order to fulfill the general requirements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on maintaining growth, expanding domestic demand and adjusting the structure, ensure the stable development of equipment manufacturing industry, accelerate structural adjustment, enhance the ability of independent innovation, improve the level of autonomy, and promote industrial upgrading and major equipment localization. At the beginning of 2009, China Petroleum and Natural Gas Company Pipeline Branch conducted two on-site investigations on Liaoning Star Pump Industry Co., Ltd. and after full demonstration, it was believed that the company's existing scientific research capacity, production and processing level and comprehensive supporting capacity could solve the problem of long-term dependence on imports of the product. Therefore, Liaoning Heng and Liaoning Heng were involved in this research. Star Pump Industry Co., Ltd. has signed the "pipeline pump" development agreement, which is listed as the national major equipment localization project by the National Development and Reform Commission and the China Machinery Industry Federation's Major Equipment Office.

Industrial volumetric pumps, centrifugal pumps, drilling pumps, turntables and mechanical seals are the major manufacturers of pumps in China. They are also the first-class network members of CNPC, Sinopec and CNOOC. Its products are widely used in oil field drilling, petroleum, chemical industry, building waterproof materials, urban sewage treatment, municipal, transportation, shipping, power plants and other fields.

Two, solutions

After signing the development agreement, Liaoning Star Pump Co., Ltd. has successfully developed the pipeline pump after several design demonstrations, which not only improves the comprehensive supporting capacity of the company, but also improves the research and development capacity of scientific researchers, laying a solid foundation for future mass production. The product has been tested at full speed by the National Industrial Pump Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, and all the performance indicators of the pump are qualified. It meets the design requirements put forward by the Pipeline Branch of CNPC.

HPT pipeline pump is a single-stage double-suction horizontal open horizontal centrifugal pump. It mainly consists of seven parts: pump body, impeller, shaft, bearing, mechanical seal, detection instrument and electric heat insulation system. The pump body is a horizontal horizontal open structure with double volutes. It has the characteristics of small radial force, high hydraulic efficiency and convenient maintenance. The inlet and outlet of the pump are arranged on the lower pump body, and there is no need to dismantle the import and export pipelines and motors during overhaul. The impeller adopts single-stage double-suction structure, three-dimensional anti-cavitation optimization design and over-flow surface hardening treatment. It has the characteristics of long service life, high efficiency, small axial force and good anti-cavitation performance. The shaft is designed with rigid structure, with short span between bearings, small deflection at shaft seal and smooth operation. The main bearing adopts rolling bearing and self-lubricating mode. The bearing box is equipped with explosion-proof electric heater, which can ensure the use of lubricating oil in outdoor low temperature environment. Inspection instrument is the key equipment of pump, which is equipped with high precision and high performance temperature transmitter, vibration transmitter and sealed leakage detection device. These supporting instruments can carry out reliable automatic monitoring and alarm, so that the safe operation of the pump is guaranteed. Electric tracing and insulation system is mainly composed of heating components, temperature control box and insulation shell. The system has complete functions, reliable operation and convenient operation, and is suitable for remote monitoring.

Three. Successful application

In November 2009, HPT 2843-194 pipeline pump was tested at full speed in the centrifugal pump testing center of Liaoning Star Pump Industry Co., Ltd. and tested by the personnel of the National Industrial Pump Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. The performance indexes of the pump met the design requirements.

In December 26, 2009, the product was successfully launched at the Tieling oil pipeline of Shenyang gas transmission and oil branch. After six months of operation, everything is normal, and its flow rate, head, efficiency, unit noise, pump vibration value and other indicators are superior to foreign similar products.

The successful development of HPT 2843-194 pipeline pumps fills in the gap of high-power and high-speed pipeline pumps in China. It marks that China Petroleum and Natural Gas Corporation Pipeline Branch and Liaoning Star Pump Industry Co., Ltd. have achieved the goal of localization of high-flow and high-speed pipeline pumps, ensured the national energy security and reduced the cost. The cost of construction, operation and maintenance has achieved mutual benefit. At the same time, it is also an important achievement in the process of major equipment localization in China. It breaks the long-term dependence on imports of high-power and high-speed pipeline pumps and saves a lot of funds for the country. It improves the overall technical level of pump manufacturing industry in China, and effectively promotes the technological progress and industrial structure upgrading of pump manufacturing industry in China.
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