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Chronicles :  Characteristics of injection pump

Pulsatile-free conveying: uniform movement throughout the whole process, stable operation without pulsation and wide range of operating speed: 10 000 times wide range of operating speed greatly increases the flexibility of users without cleaning: conveying fluids with different characteristics requires only replacement of syringe flow accuracy: high control accuracy, control error < 0.5% when more than 30% full stroke.

1. currently, there are more than 300 kinds of injection pumps.

Multichannel injection pump

2. Injection pumps are divided into electric injection pumps and push injection pumps 3. Electric injection pumps are divided into single-channel, double-channel and programmable ten-channel, which can be selected according to your requirements.

More than 4. syringes are available to automatically identify syringes.

5. The flow rate can be set to a minimum of 0.001 micro-liter/hour, the flow rate is 0.001 micro-liter/hour, the accuracy is (+0.5%), the repeatability is (+0.2%), and the running speed of the electric injection pump is 9.5*10 mm/min.

6. Programmable injection pump can set the flow rate of 2 or 10 syringes freely, and can set different flow rates separately.

7. With voltage and current signal output, RS232 interface, printer and computer can be connected, and time controller can be connected.

8. Injection pump can operate in two directions, either unidirectionally injecting liquid or recovering injection to achieve mixing effect.

9. pulse can be set to prevent too much impact when feeding small animals.

10. optional foot switch, easy to operate.

11. Propulsive injection pump can be set to the number of times of propulsion (from 1 to 1,000 times of propulsion). It can choose two-way operation. It can either inject liquid unilaterally or recycle injection to achieve mixing effect.

12. You can choose up to four simultaneous thrusters (the needles connected with the thrusters have more than 200 specifications, and can freely set the injection volume and distance of each syringe. The minimum allotment is 0.0526 microliters per injection, the moving distance is 3.2 microns, the fastest speed can reach 1.700 injection times per second, and RS232 signal output. You can connect foot switches and computers.

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