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Poems :  Fine concrete pump price

3, chemical and other enterprises: all kinds of sulfuric acid, alkaline, oily liquid or slurry positions. 4, chlorine alkali industry: liquid alkali, electrolyte and so on. 5, the water treatment industry: pure water, high purity water, sewage. 6, iron and steel enterprises: sulfuric acid, pickling system, sewage with impurity. 7, wet desulphurization circulating pump: can be applied to alkaline, acidic, corrosive jobs. Xingtai Xinpu Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. sells well all over the country and is well received by the vast number of users. Donggang Machinery has been established for many years on the basis of research and production of various perfect equipment. It has won customers with excellent technology and equipment, advanced technology, strict management system and enthusiastic after-sales service. Its products sell well all over the country. It is a contract-abiding and trustworthy enterprise in Hebei Province.

High reliability and multiple construction sites is a good help for your work. The fine aggregate concrete pump has high efficiency and reliable quality. Fine stone concrete pump can be used for transporting fine concrete, mortar and other long distance high-rise buildings. The distribution valve adopts advanced S pipe valve, which has good sealing performance and simple and reliable structure. Eye plate and floating cutting ring are made of cemented carbide, which has good wear resistance, long service life and convenient replacement. The cutting ring adopts automatic compensation gap structure. The control mode is electric-hydraulic control, which has perfect electro-hydraulic overload protection and instrument display system, and backpump operation function. The fine stone concrete pump is easy to move and easy to remove the blockage fault, and the pumping speed can be adjusted. Hydraulic fine stone concrete pump is suitable for large area and high efficiency construction of fine stone concrete filling layer or mortar filling layer in geothermal engineering; fine stone concrete pump adopts high hard wear resistant alloy material with long life and high pressure, which meets the requirements of high-rise buildings and long-distance construction, and has simple operation, good sealing performance and high configuration, thus solving the problem of geothermal construction. The problem of conveying fine aggregate concrete is welcomed by users.

Independent pumping system can quickly deliver the remaining concrete in the pipeline to the pouring site during the pipeline cleaning process. 5. imported pump sets, valve sets and electrical components ensure the high reliability of the equipment. 6 the super strong air cooler can keep the oil temperature below 60 C under the annual air temperature condition. The pump height of the gate valve series pump is lower than that of the S valve pump of the same type, but compared with that of the same type valve pump. About freight bearing: The price of goods in our shop does not include any freight taxes and commissioning and installation fees. It is the ex-factory price of machines. Because the mode of delivery is different and the place of delivery is different, the price of ordinary logistics and express freight is different, and the freight to each place is different, so our shop should determine the freight price according to the buyer's mode of delivery and the place of receipt, in order to ensure the final transaction price.

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