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Poems :  Performance of Seals for Pump Trucks

First, wear

Each kind of sealing element has a certain service life. After long-term operation and wear, its sealing performance can not be guaranteed and leakage will occur. In the operation of pump truck equipment, due to the incorrect entry or coordination of various impurities, the sealing elements or their corresponding parts are damaged to varying degrees, resulting in leakage of sealing parts.

II. Pumping Conditions of Pump Trucks

There are corrosion of working medium, temperature and working environment. Among them, temperature has the most significant effect, and we also found that in extremely hot and cold weather, the failure rate of the pump truck is relatively high, and oil leakage is prone to occur. Its influence on sealing performance is multifaceted. The high temperature hydraulic oil medium has low viscosity and strong permeability; the corrosion of seals and sealing surfaces is enhanced; in addition, due to the influence of temperature difference, the expansion of seals is not uniform, which can cause poor sealing and lead to leakage. Therefore, we should control the high temperature environment, high temperature weather pump truck working time as far as possible in the shaded position pump construction.
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Date 2018/11/22 6:01:26
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