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Poems :  Water ring vacuum pump starting and running

I. preparation before starting:
1, check the motor steering, make it and water ring vacuum pump steering the same.
2, water ring vacuum pump placed for a long time should be poured into the vacuum pump before the start of cleaning, with the hand disk rotor several turns, make it free, and then discharge sewage.
3. If there is a reducer, check whether the oil level in the machine is normal and whether the cooling water is unobstructed.
4, if the belt rotation, should check whether the belt tightness is appropriate, whether the two pulley is good.
5, check the pressure of the water supply system, water volume can meet the requirements of the vacuum pump.
Ii. Starting:
1. Put working water into the water ring vacuum pump until there is water flowing out of the automatic drainage valve at the water ring vacuum pump side.
2. Close the inlet valve on the intake pipe and open the bypass valve.
3. Open the filler water supply valve and make the water pressure 0.02-0.05mpa (if the water supplied with filler is omitted).
4. Start the motor, after the water ring vacuum pump operates normally, open the water ring water supply valve, open the air inlet valve on the intake pipe, and close the bypass valve.
5. After hearing the sound of suction and exhaust, adjust the water supply pressure of shaft seal packing and the water supply pressure of water ring again. The water pressure of packing: 0.02-0.05mpa.
Third, stop
1. Close the inlet valve, open the bypass valve and close the water ring water supply valve.
2. After a short time, the compressed sound inside the vacuum pump is heard to be reduced, and the vacuum value is reduced. Stop the motor.
3, close the filler water supply valve (if the internal supply of filler water omitted).
4, if the shutdown time is too long, open the water ring vacuum pump on both sides of the lower drainage screw plug (or blind cover), drain the pump sewage.

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Date 2018/12/21 10:04:56
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