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Poems :  Characteristic Description of Vacuum Boiler

_Vacuum boilers operate under vacuum negative pressure, which are really non-explosive boilers with excellent safety.

_Running in vacuum, low boiling point and heat transfer of latent heat of vaporization (latent heat of condensation) effectively improve the thermal efficiency.

There is a constant amount of heat medium water in the furnace body, which has no danger of dry burning, no corrosion, no scaling and long service life.

_Built-in copper heat exchanger with special treatment has excellent heat transfer effect and fast heating up.

_Heat exchange is carried out in the boiler body with high efficiency. The overall design is scientific, reasonable and compact, saving 50-70% of the area.

_Users do not need to submit annual inspection and approval according to the boiler and pressure vessel standard to save costs.

_Control part of touch screen display, virtual keys, Chinese and graphics display system working conditions, online operating guidelines, fault self-diagnosis. Fully automatic operation and manual operation can be used in one device to realize man-machine dialogue.

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Ceramic direct brazing process

Author yanyan
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Date 2019/1/23 9:11:07
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