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Poems :  What carbon is burned in the forge

Coke is mainly used in blast furnace iron smelting and blast furnace smelting of non-ferrous metals such as copper, lead, zinc, titanium, antimony and mercury. The use of coke instead of charcoal in iron blast furnace has laid a foundation for the large scale of modern blast furnace and is a significant milestone in the history of metallurgy. In order to achieve better technical and economic indicators, the metallurgical coke must have proper chemical and physical properties, including thermal properties in the process of smelting. Coke is widely used in iron smelting and non-ferrous metal smelting (metallurgical coke), but also in foundry, chemical industry, calcium carbide and ferroalloy, with different quality requirements. Such as casting coke, the general requirements of particle size, low porosity, fixed carbon and low sulfur content; Coke for chemical gasification, the strength requirements are not strict, but the requirements of good reactivity, ash melting point is high; The fixed carbon content should be increased as far as possible in the production of calcium carbide coke.

Physical properties of coke include coke sieve formation, coke bulk density, coke truth to density, coke apparent relative density, coke porosity, coke specific heat capacity, coke thermal conductivity, coke thermal stress, coke ignition temperature, coke thermal expansion coefficient, coke shrinkage, coke resistivity and coke permeability.
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Date 2019/2/1 6:24:08
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