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Poems :  Faith and Social Justice
Lately my mind has been occupied with balancing
political activism with spirituality.
Gandhi said “people who are religious and know
nothing of politics know nothing of religion”.
I like this! I believe helping people is important on all levels.
The balance is the key.
I need to put the ever-lasting kingdom of God first
while doing good while I am here.
Many movements become too secular and loose the vital spiritual transcendence necessary for moral and inertia. Everything becomes the here and now with no heaven and hell while other movements and churches become all heaven. Balance and individuality is the key.
I am a Christian and saved by the sacrifice of Christ dying on the cross and justifying me. I know I cannot earn heaven by good works, rituals or so called Holy rites. I also know that to love the Lord with my whole heart mind and strength and my neighbor as myself is the law and the prophets. “The least you do to one of these you do onto me” the Lord said. While I sojourn here helping people is part of my faith. Some situations require organizations like the Red Cross or Amnesty International or earthquakes and emergency situations along with a host of other things. Sometimes we can help people by political means like Martin Luther King did.
Social justice is not a category or a narrow agenda. Love thy neighbor as thyself is broad and diverse. If a child of ours is in legal trouble we help get them a lawyer, if someone is sick we direct them to a doctor or a medical facility, we shelter, we give food and when their thirsty we give them to drink. Israel in the Old Testament had righteous laws that always helped the poor, an example was a field was to only be gleaned one time then the poor could glean the rest. Some people think it is only individual charity that should be used to help people but the Bible clearly states righteous laws and social systems is part of the picture.Look at the abolition of slavery or women voting and the list goes on and on. Sometimes people are in systems that have no voting or protest or democracy but other times we can not only use individual charity to help but laws that help needy people. Our faith works with love and righteousness.
I know the key is individuality and letting people choose for themselves how they can best help, vote or give. I know no sectarian movement can represent the kingdom of God and Jesus said “My kingdom is not of this world”. I also know good works need to flow out of my faith. Joe

Author Byronic
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Date 2011/4/16 21:27:08
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