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Poems -> Hope :  world today
Tags: Life   world   philosophy   attitude   resolution  

Did i exist before being born ?
Did i knew i would be born?
Did i ask for getting born?
Then why was i born?

How was i born where i am today?
What is this universe and globe?
Who sent me here?
Where will i go after end?

Why should i pay for my living?
What is money and who found it?
Why am i not knowing things completely?
Which is right and which is wrong , who decides?

Who decides what to teach me?
Why is everything wrongly spelt?
Can anybody use a car that cannot move during life emergency?
If robinson crusoe could survive then why not everyone else?

Why should i give money for every thing?
Can i talk to any leader without paying?
Can i visit the temple without paying?
Can i have a peaceful sleep for some time without paying?

Will somebody give medicine for sick people without payment?
Will somebody arrange for friends and family reunion without payment?
Can any human being talk without inner meaning?
Can i have a friend who has no requirements and expectations?

Can i carry my money , gifts, compliments, love ,
faith, life, education ,family and property
without being commented , scrutinised and discouraged
because,i already have enough and i still wish to donate

Can we live without mobile?
Can we live without computer?
Can we live without television?
Can human just sit in a place without talking and thinking anything?

Why should i hear an idiots talk ?
Should i not punish a guy who invaded my privacy?
Do i need law to book a person who barge into my property
Can a group of people with wrong examples and principles disturb humans

Can a stranger touch the body?
Can a stranger give a passing comment?
Is eve teasing allowed?
They never knew i stopped teasing long long ago

If idiot stranger is 1000 times strong
I am trillion times strong
I have access to trillion
But are they secure

Family and children are also humans
Just like a neighbour,
indians ,Pakistanis, Chinese , Japanese,
Americans, French, Australians and british are all the same

We all live our life here in this world
Then why fight and trouble
Lets join our hands together
And live life together as human beings

I have an extra grocery so i give for needy
If you are doctor diagnose me when i am ill
Poor people cannot afford disturbance
That the politicians do for benefits

Rain is for everybody on earth
Happiness is equal for all
Sharing of love is for everyone
Until there is no jelousy

Drunkards at the street corner
Always disturb the quiet people like rocky
There are stupid people always ready for fight
But can never fight in a real fight with rocky

Thief steals throughout their life
And get paid for their sin
Their sin are equalled here on earth
By their talks and hearing similar conversations

A kind character is always kind to every human being
Because kindness is universal
There are no limits for helping a sufferer
And borders including guns and fire can never stop kindness

Fights are hard to digest
Whereas Kindness is sweet
Lets pray for a universal kindness evolution
And kill the inner violent beast of today's human being

Until the day we exist
Lets resolute to live life pleasant
And lets work towards that and
Kick to reject the rest

poem by,

ganesh padmanabhan


Author ganesh
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Date 2011/10/28 10:02:54
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License Creative Commons License
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extra terrestrial computer
Bread and jam
world today
paradise angel
extra terrestrial computer
Bread and jam
world today
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