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Poems :  Syllabus of an Acorn
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Little acorn, can’t you see?
Fallen, as you have, no doubt,
the view is less than you expected.
But know, you did, to ground, your duty,
laying next to Mother’s trunk.

Acorn, don’t you know?
Minutia, small and fragile seeming;
brownest coat to hide you well.
Come then, little acorn,
show the world your very being.

Survived where others didn’t, acorn.
Falls are not always quite that easy.
Learn, you will, of other dangers,
clustered in your new found home.

On ground, now, little acorn.
Siblings left you all alone.
No longer can the branch wield justice
away from your weary brow.

Squirrels might find you yet, my friend,
or rains and winds may wash you along
out from under Mother;
away and gone to other realms.

Cry not now in pity, friend.
Tell you this I must, I fear.
For, little acorn, softest middle,
your hardening shell might just save you.

Author nightmute
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Date 2013/1/20 0:14:35
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License Creative Commons License
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Syllabus of an Acorn
Shedding Tears
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Poster Thread
Posted: 2013/1/22 13:07  Updated: 2013/1/22 13:07
Home away from home
Joined: 2011/5/14
Posts: 645
 Re: Syllabus of an Acorn
Oh Richard! This gorgeous little poetic gem brought lots of smiles as I read. I love the story you so very poetically narrate of the little acorn, the dangers which he faces as he struggles to survive and the beautiful and excellent choice of graphic which compliments your poem SO well. A lovely write, to which my heart skipped along, like a small child in the woods strolling, so happy to be there, I didn't want to leave...Excellent visual detail within your words, painting a very beautiful picture for your reader. Delightful poetic gem, resplendent like the sun shining in my window as I type. THANK YOU for kindly sharing, Richard. Blessings to you from Ireland and from me, for a very beautiful day - enjoy, dear friend... Every possible good wish always - Marie...

Poster Thread
Posted: 2013/1/27 13:41  Updated: 2013/1/27 13:41
Home away from home
Joined: 2011/8/22
From: S.W Burbs of Chgo. IL, USA
Posts: 306
 Re: Syllabus of an Acorn
The trials of life are there for everyone, even for something as small as an acorn. Thanks for sharing this...Jack




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