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Poems -> Life :  Joy and Sorrow Make Life Grow
Tags: Life   God   philosophy   prayer   Solace.  
Happiness may not come at all
But, for dejection, never fall

Peace may not be surfacing
One day, you will be tracing

Smile may elude your face
But, one day it will grace

Sorrow may be your friend
That relation may soon end

Happiness, you may miss
But, soon it may give bliss

Destiny may be to you cruel
Feeding to your worry fuel

Your sagacity you display
With hope spend everyday

Your life, defeat may flood
Let it not spoil your head

You may lose an opportunity
But, lose not faith in Divinity

Through prayer store hope
He will help you finely cope

Faith and belief are essential
They will give you potential

Pray and stay with confidence
That alone is truest prudence

Never lose the zest to live
The best, efforts will give

Carry on like the mighty Sun
Wait for a glorious season

Gos is there, peace is there
Justice will be always fair

May this World peace permeate
May bliss and mirth mind get

Joy and happiness let all own
May bless us God in the stone

Through thorough understanding
Peace may be finely landing

Our duty is to strive for a goal
By playing an effective role

That goal must be lawful
And we must be truthful

O- God- save our soul mercifully
We trust upon you only wholly.


God knows the reason, He only created the Sun, Man created gun, Forgetting fun, If people become one,
Miracles can be done, Bad is of course none, God is in every person, Listen and troubles you lessen, Learn and teach that lesson, World itself is a prison, One day, will take God and His son.
Author mvvenkataraman
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Date 2013/1/20 17:52:15
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License Creative Commons License
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Posted: 2013/1/29 6:26  Updated: 2013/1/29 6:26
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 Re: Joy and Sorrow Make Life Grow
Contentment and hope is what I read in this wonderful, couplet-enabled poem, friend. Indeed, in God we place our whole trust, always.

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