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Poems :  By Grace, Am I
Sitting beside her,
and in a moment of weakness,
I look down and away,
at my care-worn hands.

I turn them over,
stare into my palm and then
the prints on my wedding finger.
The whorls, pronounced,
each ridge and divot speaks out,
imbued with such tales,
of holding hands and loving.
Still, as I view the rough prints,
the one sure thing
I realize above all is the mercy and grace
God has granted me.

I look up, reach out with these God-given hands,
and even as her last breath leaves,
I caress her cheek
and hold her hand.
No, I do not look away, as her
transfigured stare looks now into eternity,
and I cradle the face of my loving wife.
Even now, perhaps especially now,
in this parting moment, I know.
God's grace is, and always shall be, sufficient.

The doctor sighs, as my children converge,
and I thank You, Lord, for every minute You
allowed for she and I, together.

Author nightmute
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Date 2013/1/29 5:52:37
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License Creative Commons License
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Posted: 2013/1/29 19:09  Updated: 2013/1/29 19:09
Home away from home
Joined: 2011/5/14
Posts: 645
 Re: By Grace, Am I
Oh Richard! Your exquisitely penned poignant poem, stunning in its simplicity, brought tears flowing freely down my face, your pen was dipped in tears, instead of ink, Richard. The love between husband and wife reached out and caressed my heart and then, my very soul. SO beautiful, beyond words, really, but I shall try my best to make some kind of comment, though I already know it will not acknowledge the greatness of your poetic gem, bless you. The poem is extremely visual, such a sad occasion painted so perfectly, it was as though I was there in the room with this lovely and most loving couple. I could see the beloved Husband joining his Wife in Spirit, shortly after her passing, his beautiful heart was breaking. Saying Goodbye is never easy, but the love between both husband and wife, meant that no Goodbye had to be said, because it was only Au Revoir - until they met again and I can imagine them having a very beautiful loving Eternity together. Poetry within poetry, beautiful and admirable woven and expressed. Kudos well deserved, Richard! Applause for this heart touching poem and for The Master who crafted it. THANK YOU for kindly sharing, Richard. God bless you always, dear friend...

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