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Poems -> Sad :  Shedding Tears

She cries a Midnight's spilling tear,
whose fastness holds at bay
naught of sorrow, nor of pain,
just joy, kept far away.

She knows not what the Night might hold,
she stays within her room.
Silence seeps into her bones,
where quiescence doth now loom.

How cold the Night, whose umbrage shakes
when thoughts, forbidden, of another,
make their way within her heart,
which chilling tendrils seek to smother.

She knows of tears, whose icy touch
and hues of coldest blue doth bite;
an eyelid, leaking, languid flows
of sullied soul-sapped sacred sight.

I wince for her, whose choice was made
upon a moon-flung darkened eve.
She, it was, who chose recluse,
and asked joyance to take leave.

She cries upon a Midnight's drear,
and holds fast to the Night.
Only sorrow, pain, and fear,
are held, to bosom, tight.

Author nightmute
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Date 2014/5/27 6:27:06
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License Creative Commons License
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Shedding Tears
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Shedding Tears
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Poster Thread
Posted: 2014/5/28 10:10  Updated: 2014/5/28 10:10
Home away from home
Joined: 2011/5/14
Posts: 645
 Re: Shedding Tears
Hello Richard! Reading this superbly crafted write, I found my tears overflow as I read! SO poignant and your excellent choice of graphic compliments your words so well, adding to the poignancy of your poetic gem! A very beautifully expressed poem which allows the reader an inside view of, not just the girl's heart filled with fear, sorrow and pain, but a glimpse of her shattered soul also. Excellent word choice allows the reader to experience the emotions which flooded this beautiful soul at midnight, haunted by memories of the past, her ice cold tears fall to almost drown her broken heart. Excellent use of various figures of speech, the visual detail is very striking. As with all of your wondrous works of art, the flow to this poem is effortless, as smooth as silk. I love the rhyming scheme which you have chosen, it compliments your lines so finely. Wonderful penmanship from a Master Craftsman! Thank you, with gratitude, for sharing. I have so enjoyed reading! SO good to read your work again, dear Richard. I am so looking forward to continuing to do so, I have so missed it! Wishing you a very blessed and beautiful day, filled with great joy, for you to enjoy! Blessings always, dear friend...

Poster Thread
Posted: 2014/6/1 17:45  Updated: 2014/6/1 17:45
Quite a regular
Joined: 2013/1/14
From: Alaska
Posts: 66
 Re: Shedding Tears
You are far too kind, Marie. Indeed, the combination of a late hour and of painful memories can certainly trigger such sorrow as evidenced in this write. I thank you, my friend, for your marvelous review of this write, and the encouragement you provide. God bless you, Ma'am. I will be on again, off again, over the next month while I am in my last month of training for the Scottish Highland Games. After that, I hope to be on more regularly.

Poster Thread
Posted: 2014/6/2 17:16  Updated: 2014/6/2 17:16
Home away from home
Joined: 2011/5/14
Posts: 645
 Re: Shedding Tears
The very best of Good Luck in the games, Richard. I look forward to hearing how they went for you, perhaps, you will be inspired to write the details in a wonderful new poem! Look forward to seeing your wonderful work more regularly after that! It is wonderful to have you back again and to read your unique poetry. Blessings always, dear friend...

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