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Poems -> Dark :  Raising Cain
Tags: accuzedoflivin   dark   angry   raising   cain  
I'm pretty sober now
But I still smell
The vodka on my breath
My god, will I ever rest?!

This headache on my shoulders
I'm only getting older
Yea, so what a shame
This feeling's left my brain

I think I might go insane
If I don't start raising cain here
So here I go

Quick, your time's running out
The longer I wait - The louder I shout
Demise is your fate - The harder I clout
The neighbors don't need to know what this is about

Don't test my words
I know I must sound absurd
My vision's already blurred
My speaking is slurred
But I don't care, if I did I'd concur

Stop eating these pills, washing them down with liquor
Punching holes in the walls and throwing the furniture
Stop hurting their feelings everytime I converse
Making my momma tremble and cry as I curse

I'm too well versed at this game
Tensions rise and I decide to expire this pain
This feeling - So inhumane
Takes over, shows me who reigns

Andre-Terrell Heredia a.k.a. maDreDrummer14 a.k.a. AccuzedOfLivin

I started on this one a long time ago then the feelings went away so I stopped. But now, the same SICK inspiration has found it's way through me. And here it is. It can be related as something taking over you. Something dark, like anger, and you cant control it.
(Dark, angry, impulsive poetry. Read/rate/comment and enjoy.)
Author AccuzedOfLivin
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Date 2010/11/16 15:12:55
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License Creative Commons License
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