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Poems -> Birthday :  Longquan celadon incense burner

Carcass Characteristics of Longquan Celadon Censer in Yuan Dynasty
Relative to the South Song Longquan celadon incense burner of the carcass, the Yuan Dynasty Longquan celadon censer one of the most obvious feature is the carcass gradually become thick, the quality of the carcass from coarse to coarse.

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Yuan Dynasty Longquan celadon bottle gossip furnace residue specimens, pity the porch grass possession. This Yuan Dynasty Longquan celadon gossip bottle furnace residue of the thickest carcass, located at the bottom of the furnace navel, up to 1.4 cm, the thinnest of the furnace wall also reached 0.5 cm.

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The Yuan Dynasty Longquan Celadon Bottle Gossip Furnace is one of the typical celadon incense burners burned by the Longquan celadon incense burner in the Yuan Dynasty. The complete instrument was unearthed in 1984 in Qinghe County, Qingtian County, Zhejiang Province, and is now in the Qingtian County Museum.

Yuan Dynasty Longquan kiln celadon three-legged tripod stove residue specimens, pity the porch grass possession. This Yuan Dynasty Longquan Celadon three foot tripod furnace residual specimens, the thickest at the bottom of the thickness of 1.5 cm, the thin abdominal wall at the circle also reached 0.45 cm. Yuan Dynasty Longquan kiln celadon drum three-legged gas stove is also one of the typical style Longquan kiln celadon incense burner.

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Date 2018/1/25 3:58:39
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