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Duets :  Pumping station

Pumping station is to provide a certain pressure and flow of hydraulic and pneumatic power plant and engineering, said pumping and pumping station project. Irrigation and drainage pumping station water, water, pumping stations and other buildings collectively.

PVD vacuum metallizer vacuum coating machine in China

Pumping station role

1, Is able to provide a certain pressure and flow of hydraulic and pneumatic power plant and engineering, said the pump and pumping station project.

2, the fuel tank, motor and pump these three things are the main components, but there are many auxiliary equipment, according to the actual situation need to increase or decrease, such as oil supply equipment, compressed air equipment, water filling equipment, water supply, drainage, ventilation equipment, Lifting equipment and so on.

Scope of application:

Vacuum Pump Oil Alternator Industrial Vacuum Pump

Water supply pump station remote monitoring system for urban water supply system in the pressure pump station remote monitoring and management.

Pump station managers at the monitoring center can remotely monitor the pump station pool water level or pit pressure, pressure pump group status, outbound traffic, outbound pressure; remote control, automatic control of the start and stop the pump group; Optical fiber communication, the image can be monitored station panorama and important stations, to achieve pump station unattended.

metal coatings products

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Date 2018/2/24 5:24:56
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