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Poems -> Romantic :  A Fantasy in Paradise!
Tags: Fantasy  

"Is it dream or reality? " he is not sure lying on the bed;
He is not sure whether it is day or night too in that state!
Whatever it is, he is prepared to go to the full length of it;
Then he sees colourful lights rotating round him as in dream!

All colours of light then have turned into blue transparent one
Without anything very bright but also not invisible anywhere;
Beautiful dancing girls start coming from nowhere to him with
Smiles like newly bloomed flowers with sparkling diamond teeth!

Golden transparent robe like attire displayed all beauty in full
View as move in slow motion as if walking on the Moon ground;
Then he wonders whether he is in Moon or on the desert of Earth;
Again colour of light changes revealing a paradise before him now!

A grand palace is at the centre of the great paradise, where the
Angels have escorted him opening the golden door with golden key;
The golden key sings love song sweet to open all other doors of
Palace to allow cool breeze to enter and cool all to dance in joy!

He is the only man from outside world seems to have been allowed
Inside to enjoy life in love with sweet angels in exquisite beauty;
For, he has sacrificed his whole life for the sake of all his pals,
Relatives and all family members who all have stranded him out...!

To bring him back to normalcy, Almighty has sent those lovely ladies
To entertain him with exotic fantasy of their magical dance cheering
His mood to a state of love to be happy enjoying love as angels do
In heaven wishing with sure hope he will see reality with joy only!

Born on 28.81950, T A Ramesh was an industrialist before he has become Writer Publisher at Halo Papers, India. He has written 60 English books on all subjects. He has many Awards of Achievement as Poet, his poems are published in Poetry Anthologies an...

Author rameshta
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Date 2018/5/27 15:11:43
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License Creative Commons License
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