Intelligent alcohol fireplace

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Functional characteristics

A special burning mechanism: and after burning, there will be no blackening or serious yellowing on the furnace surface. A little cleaning will always be new.

Two Mass Alcohol Storage Tanks: A single addition of alcohol can be used for 3-100 hours, during which you can switch at will: to avoid the inconvenience caused by the frequent addition of alcohol, especially during business hours, often adding alcohol, will create a bad impression on customers. Manual alcohol fireplace because of safety considerations, storage is very small, must be constantly added, operation will be very troublesome.

Three controls are very convenient: you can control the switch at any time through keys and remote control, adjust the size of the fire operation: gear can be made into high, low, or infinite number of gear.

Four structures are very safe and reasonable: the combustion chamber and the alcohol storage chamber are two completely isolated and independent mechanisms, greatly reducing the fire risk caused by alcohol leakage. The common alcohol fireplace is the same mechanism as the storage tank and combustion, that is to say, several or dozens of liters of alcohol barrels are burning, in case of leakage, after that. The result will be unthinkable.

Fifth, the installation is very simple: it does not need Daxing civil installation duct, flue, the whole installation process of large fireplace can be completed in only two or three days, without delaying business time, but also can be used as mobile;
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