An Innocent Spell Burning Bright In My Heart.

Date 2010/11/22 14:00:20 | Topic: Poems -> Reflection

Listening for hoof-beats, looking for a knight in shiny armour.
Angels riding white horses, bringing tales of good fortune.
Dreaming of immortality, acceptable outrageous thoughts.
Sky shimmering blue and bronze, enchanted evening arriving.
Elves singing, goblins through golden leaves running amok.
Beautiful peaceful quite, apart from a fast gushing river mill.
Reflections looking back at me, from a fathomless silver lake.
Wandering through eternal valleys, free in dark green cloaks.
Standing alone smelling fragrances, from invisible flowers.
Fairies dancing and singing, sticky silken cobwebs shining.
A song birds sweet voice, quietly floating, sailing, drifting.
A lullaby sweet and peaceful, celebrating this dream world.
Brown owl impatiently perched, surreptitiously on a tree top.
A vermin's despair falls on deaf ears, wild desperation's win.
Frightened rabbits burrow deep, safe underground retreats.
Our magic day growing near to an end, twilight gathering.
Each petal a tongue of yellow flame, warming your fingertips.
A fire-eater burning his coals, hot cinder flames dancing.
A handsome prince in a courtyard, echoing happy laughter.

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