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Don't rush by my sweet, seek with me allele life dreams ever more.
Your sweet smile is so much pleasure, let's stroll down lovers way.
A selection together, play tricks with my body in a beautiful world.

Pray my fairest, you do not suffer from the sweet anthophobia scent.
I seek a conquest of your body, stay on my bed of red rose petals.
My esteemed pleasure, gazing at you makes me amazingly hungry.

You will be in my wildest dreams, dreams of love, yet to be dreamt.
So gorgeous, I'll be your libertine, you never need to be lonely again.
Your golden hair dances free, biology on a wind, pleasures my stare.

Fondest red cheeks, eyes divine, my thoughts are curious, be mine.
I love you, I hope your meme qualities live and sow life everlasting.
Locked in my arms, memes delightfully together in spirit, for eternity.

The white barn-owl on the noon day tide, flies up high on a therm.
His dinner roams free, unaware it's destiny on this fine day is to die.
Barn-owl meme species, with knowledge constructed from Mother.

A sunrise early, over yonder flowing yellow painted meadow stream.
Two otters play at the waters edge, the bitch unaware of her memes.
A monkey moves with the speed of silver lightning, chasing females.

Flowers conceived in paradise, offer distinguished coloured beauty.
A spider swings like the pendulum of a clock, eyes alert for it's mate.
Reflection of your beauty hovers, like a provocative humble butterfly.

Evolution forever tattooed naturally, in your beautiful heart sweetheart.
Natural mimicking voices forever inhabit us, our memes are indivisible.
Do not subdue your laughter memes, or you exterminate life's virtues.
"Lifes A Mimick" Giggle.

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