Vicissitudes Of A Mating Strategy.

Date 2011/3/17 14:00:37 | Topic: Poems -> Life

(The Black Widow Spider)

Female latrodectus Mactans, each like to be romantic,
a black widow spider, she prefers virile young mates,
preferable same species, for a quick short term affair,
mixing their genes, with the sexually appealing males.

Amazingly going busily about their every day duty,
their gnawing dark dangerous mysterious minds,
ideas working, according to complicated schemes,
like a secret message, caught between fascination.

The most optimum reproductive strategy for females,
strike like lightning, excitingly mating in abundance,
creating picaresque extraordinary, bursting hot desires,
In a father who will attend, ardently to their offspring.

Visions of each fascinating, passionate daring attraction,
characteristics acquired in the young will be transmitted,
for unique adoring identification, in generations to come,
meteoric pulses invisibly ballooning, into the cool winds.

Spiders on webs, swaying and swinging like hanged pirates,
spinning that never ending, sticky velvet hex-icon web,
finest silks glistening, like silver in a shimmering sun,
Was it spun by a black widow spider for her cocoon.

When caught the possessed male, is not there to stay,
having charismatic fun included, and wooed excitement,
can you imagine, commanding a duel in early morning dew,
he dared for her honour, in meadows of clover and daisy's.

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