Anais Ním...Poetisa Aradia Fortunato.

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ANAIS NÍM,Poema de Aradia Fortunato.
Anais Nim woman hurricane girl perdition
Freya Goddess of temptation, your body the temple of prayer,
sin and lust, Spring in union.
Anais Nim sings this song, fairy of love
angel of destruction, gold leaf in the wind singing, bird of prey in the sky piercing,
dawn of lust, mistress of sweetness.
Anais Nim seduction, rain rosemary and turmeric
and bread in your seductive body searches in vain love,
libertine sweet temptation,
which fell into the mouth of the hermit.
Anais Nim, mistress of seduction, seed rain of destruction,
now writing for the release.
You are now free of any prohibition,
lady of seduction, move sparrows violent passion.
Anais Nim, flower and orchid love, defoliation your body in satin flower,
sapphire precious of madness and passion and ardor.
Anais Nim, writing seduction, sparrows die in your heart,
punishment of the gods, the source of creation,
shows up women how to love without forgiveness, mustard seed burning, for your lover in brown paper,
your body target, serenade of doom,
soul and greeting, needy and runs after that your eternal brother
lover, dismembered, Abel, maimed, son of Lugh envied,
satin soul, cries so this serenade.
Anais Nim laughed this poetry in flower, you were the girl in all your love,
lover desired, wretched woman,
seed of destruction was to see you and love tedeusa writing immortalized in life.
Anais Nim, scent of seduction have seduced my noble heart,
Forget you do not want, or prayer,
you were so beautiful as this song.
Anais Nim, goddess of women in consecration
admire you so much was a great passion.

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