Of an eve in Tel Aviv

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He bade me have a pleasant eve,
as I strolled the streets of Tel Aviv.
As I rollicked with a lass on arm,
his pleasantries of warmth, not harm,
but deep inside my soul I knew,
the Devil trawled with bitter spew,
and was I on his list?

A cloak of sinew worn about,
a shadow formed, his bearing stout,
and never thought on rules he'd flout
to draw me into his cavernous snout.
His salutation, on that eve,
gave my soul no such reprieve,
and was I on his list?
My reverie, now ground to grist.

A grimoire opened, his hands a blur,
as bade me, he, "Good evening, Sir",
and so deceptive was his will
that never thought I of his ill.
I saw not of his wicked quill,
which sought to pen my moniker.
Within his tome, my name to stir,
and was I on his list?
My reverie, now ground to grist.
The Devil seeks; I must resist.

A chill wind fluttered by, and gone
so suddenly, the stillness drawn
into the very marrow, bone
and brittle, my wailing soul now known
to he who spoke in a pleasant tone
and bid my eve not be spent alone.
And cast then for my soul, he diced,
for in his voice, the call enticed
and pulled at me, who counts on Christ
to save me from such Evil's heist.
And was I on his list?
My reverie, now ground to grist.
The Devil seeks; I must resist,
my salvation, surely, shall persist.

He bade me on a darkened night,
while full moon broke the spiraling height,
and cast his net of dementia wide,
but I, with faith in God, denied
the Devil his prize, with might.

And was I on his list this eve,
when reverie, to grist, would leave?
And though he seeks, resist I may
for salvation persists, to surely stay
within my soul, His blood the fee,
for Victory, won, on Calvary.

He rose, did Christ,
and cast down Death,
and won the Victory.

My ear thus caught a distant song,
that rose above the milling throng,
and sang the strain unto my soul,
and here, this part, my heart thus stole:

"He loved me
ere I knew Him,
and all my love
is due Him.
He plunged me to Victory,
beneath the
cleansing flood".**

** ~ snippet from Christian Song: Victory in Jesus

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