The most important act

Date 2018/8/2 23:46:26 | Topic: Poems -> Love

Facing everything is a proof of love ...
All in exchange for what,
if I do not have anything?
Can I give you a love which is already yours,
because I love you ...

I can give you
a song, that is not mine,
and to promise you the sun, if he leaves ...
I can give you these hours of dawn,
becausee woke up dreaming of you...

I can give you
thousands of silly words,
because are my sins,
or my abstract world,
which is much more vast, beautiful and real,
than a lot concrete world ...

I can confess that I do not presto,
of course, because I do not have insurance.
I can tell you or do many things ...
But the biggest and most important act
will be yours if you want me like this:
how I am, how I live,
and where I am going.

A.J. Cardiais

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