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Poems and Quotes
Poems and Quotes Saint Wycliffe of Miami Classic
  wtyson (2019/3/14 7:34:34)
Poems and Quotes A Divine Mission
  wtyson (2018/11/16 7:54:06)
Poems and Quotes 21st. Century Female Gender
  wtyson (2018/9/5 7:28:57)
Poems and Quotes NEVITES
  wtyson (2018/9/5 3:43:55)
Poems and Quotes Suggesting An Aspect In Time
  wtyson (2018/8/7 23:36:53)
Poems and Quotes Be Involve in Changing The World
  wtyson (2018/3/9 9:50:06)
Poems and Quotes Beloved Sister Farrell
  wtyson (2018/3/4 9:58:29)
Poems and Quotes BLOCK
  wtyson (2018/2/27 8:55:34)
Poems and Quotes The Meager Blue Blood
  wtyson (2018/2/24 2:41:15)
Poems and Quotes What I See 2018
  wtyson (2018/1/25 0:20:17)
Poems and Quotes It's the Law of the Jungle
  wtyson (2017/7/30 8:27:57)
Poems and Quotes Dirty Dirt People
  wtyson (2017/3/15 7:53:20)
Poems and Quotes Prayer to Mama
  wtyson (2017/3/7 10:28:04)
Poems and Quotes Saint Wycliffe Prayer for Us to Prosper
  wtyson (2016/10/23 10:59:41)
Poems and Quotes Saint Wycliffe Prayer for Us Being Tormented
  wtyson (2016/9/28 12:30:34)
Poems and Quotes A Look-Back at My Life
  wtyson (2016/9/7 7:38:45)
Poems and Quotes Blacks are Hopeless Alone
  wtyson (2016/8/13 14:11:28)
Poems and Quotes Saint Wycliffe Of Miami
  wtyson (2016/6/19 10:03:31)
Poems and Quotes Daddy Speak to Me
  wtyson (2013/10/20 10:04:05)
Poems and Quotes Jealousy in Paradise
  wtyson (2013/3/5 0:08:43)
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