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Poems and Quotes
Poems and Quotes  "Our Elite Inner Self."
  AnthonyFry (2018/10/16 18:13:35)
Poems and Quotes ZIG - ZAG.
  AnthonyFry (2018/1/15 14:11:38)
Poems and Quotes Jersey.Hermit.
  AnthonyFry (2017/1/8 23:54:53)
Poems and Quotes "A Paradigm."
  AnthonyFry (2016/2/1 12:06:38)
Poems and Quotes Yolo Decasyllabon Elegy.
  AnthonyFry (2014/9/12 20:54:03)
Poems and Quotes "A Rose"
  AnthonyFry (2014/7/21 21:52:42)
Poems and Quotes Gathering Invisible Dreams From An Oyster.
  AnthonyFry (2013/10/6 21:01:48)
Poems and Quotes Anthony Fry On Treasured Proverbs.
  AnthonyFry (2013/7/24 21:58:54)
Poems and Quotes Kaleidoscope Of Past Jersey Unravels.
  AnthonyFry (2012/4/13 14:35:15)
Poems and Quotes A Royal Jersey Cream Tea.
  AnthonyFry (2011/4/10 9:45:09)
Poems and Quotes Paean Dais.
  AnthonyFry (2011/3/26 19:08:36)
Poems and Quotes Kaleidoscope-Places.
  AnthonyFry (2011/3/25 21:01:38)
Poems and Quotes Your Feet On The World Wide Web.
  AnthonyFry (2011/3/24 18:53:29)
Poems and Quotes When I Was Young, And In My Prime.
  AnthonyFry (2011/3/23 8:16:42)
Poems and Quotes A Garden, The Sycamore Seed.
  AnthonyFry (2011/3/21 19:15:55)
Poems and Quotes A virtuous frog is no more.
  AnthonyFry (2011/3/19 13:49:39)
Poems and Quotes Vicissitudes Of A Mating Strategy.
  AnthonyFry (2011/3/17 14:00:37)
Poems and Quotes Sweet Silent Sunset.
  AnthonyFry (2011/3/16 15:12:29)
Poems and Quotes A Romance In The Night Sky.
  AnthonyFry (2011/3/15 8:51:53)
Poems and Quotes Observation Of The Driftline.
  AnthonyFry (2011/3/14 19:51:42)
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